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Pregnancy And The Excitement Of A New Arrival Can Be A Wonderful Time For Families.

However, it can bring additional aches and pains for the mum-to-be and, for many, the fear of a complicated, painful or intervention-ridden delivery.

London Wellness Centre’s chiropractors can have a positive impact on both pregnancy and birth because we focus on alignment of the body, keeping it in its optimum position for strength and a relaxed posture. From the start of your pregnancy, your body will be changing to accommodate a growing baby. As a result, your posture will change, the curve in your spine will increase and there will be extra pressure on your pelvis, spine, hips and knees. In addition, your body releases a hormone called Relaxin, which acts to soften your ligaments.

In effect, you are now ripe for injury, aches and pains. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. By visiting a London Wellness Centre chiropractor during pregnancy, you can alleviate existing pain and also set yourself up for the straightforward, pain-free birth that you’d love to have to welcome your new arrival.

As well as knowing how to fix sciatic pain while pregnant, our chiropractors will also be able to prepare your body for childbirth in the following ways:

  1. If your pelvis and other parts of your skeleton are misaligned, your baby is far less likely to end up in the optimal position for delivery. Most babies are naturally in a breech position until the third trimester. Seeing our chiropractor during pregnancy first trimester will mean your body is more in balance and therefore aids the baby turning to find the ultimate position for birth;
  2. Additionally, by the body being in balance and the baby in the optimal position, the amount of time spent in labour and delivery will be significantly reduced. Posterior, or back-to-back, births and breech births are much harder for your body to cope with and therefore more likely to incur intervention;
  3. As well as being able to alleviate back pain during pregnancy, a London Wellness Centre chiropractor will be able to minimise changes to the curve of your spine, again giving your baby space and the chance to achieve the delivery position needed for a natural labour. This avoids the need for induction, often the first step in what can become a ‘cascade of intervention’;
  4. At London Wellness Centre, we work closely with our pregnant clients to teach them to engage their core muscles. A strong core will give your whole body more strength as well as enabling you to use your strength more efficiently during a physical act such as childbirth;
  5. One of the most common complaints experienced during pregnancy is pelvic girdle dysfunction. This, along with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) can dramatically affect your ability to remain mobile and pain-free during pregnancy. They will, therefore, also lead to an increased chance of intervention during delivery. You will undoubtedly benefit from seeing a chiropractor for SPD during pregnancy. At London Wellness Centre, we work with our clients throughout their pregnancy to create an ongoing treatment plan to minimise the chances of suffering from these conditions and to set them up for the most comfortable labour and delivery possible.

Studies on seeing a maternity chiropractic have found it to a safe and beneficial approach at all stages of your pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment is very precise and is therefore easy to practice around your growing abdomen and without causing any distress to the baby.

There is no need for you to suffer during your pregnancy or delivery. For more information about how we can help, or to book an appointment, call 020 7531 4444.

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