You will need to provide the following via email to

  • Your membership number (e.g. 1234567A/ AB1234567C/ AXA/A1234567)
  • Pre-approved authorisation number (e.g. ABC1234)
  • How many sessions have been approved

Please be advised that without this information and a valid authorisation, Insurance companies cannot process your invoices which may result in the need to self-fund your appointments.

Procedure: Please contact your insurance provider prior to booking an appointment with us. They will advise if you are covered. Once you have your pre-approved authorisation code, please contact our Reception Team will be happy to book you in.

You may need to make a contribution towards your treatment if you have a policy with excess or other limitations. 

This may be referred to using the following terminology

  • Excess
    • Cost share (co-insurance)
    • Member contribution
    • Benefit limitation

Please contact your Insurance provider directly if you are unsure about any of the above. Our administration team is not able to access information regarding your private medical insurance, therefore this information needs to be provided by you.

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