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A chiropractor will maximise your body’s ability to operate pain-free. Joints need good mobility to be pain-free and are the reason why joins are a major focus area for chiropractors.

How A Chiropractor Can Help With Joint Pain

Joint pain can be from injury to any of the ligaments, bursae or tendons surrounding any of these joints, but as you get older, painful joints become more common. Joint pain can also be due to arthritis and multiple joint pain is most often due to inflammation, gout or a chronic joint disorder e.g. OA/RA

Chiropractors are experts at diagnosing the root cause of joint pain and identifying the right treatment to alleviate it. As well as treating your existing pain, we will assist with dietary or lifestyle advice to help you minimise further aggravation of the injury.

Can Sacroiliac Joint Pain Be Cured?

Sacroiliac joint pain (also known as SI joint pain) is common condition related by chiropractors. We will advise on specific sacroiliac joint pain exercises to alleviate the pain and then put together a personalised treatment plan which lets your body get back to its best possible state
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