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Spine mobility 

Chiropractic treatment is a non-surgical treatment which alleviates lower back pain and helps the spine to better mobility. Lower back pain is a common musculo-skeletal condition. These dull aches or pains are often caused by poor posture, incorrect lifting techniques or an awkward movement, such as an uncomfortable twist. Chiropractic treatment can be included as …

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Sciatic neuritis

Because sciatica is not actually a condition in its own right (it’s the name given to a set of symptoms) every sufferer experiences it differently. For some it may last just weeks, for others, years. Some people might experience pain intermittently, and for some, it will always be present. The one sign that must be present to …

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Marathon recovery

Congratulations: you’ve run your marathon! Now, unless you wish to spend the next few weeks plagued with soreness and sniffles please read on. Marathons are tough on the body – there’s no way to sugar coat this fact. Muscles, hormones, tendons, cells, and almost every physiological system is pushed to its limits during a marathon. …

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Joint support

Although the UK is not renowned for its long, sweltering summers, when we do get sunshine, we Brits make the most of the longer days and warmer temperatures. With more pleasant weather, comes an increase in activity during the summer. It is a great time to become more active – whether that is a chance …

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Plane back pain

Anyone who is a frequent flyer will be quick to tell you that long-haul flights don’t do anything to help aches and pains, in fact they can aggravate them considerably. However, whether you get discomfort on a short business trip or when flying further afield, your flight doesn’t have to be a complete pain in …

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Pinched nerve

Suffering With A Trapped Nerve? Find Out What’s Really Going On Inside Your Body And How To Fix It. ‘Trapped Nerve’ is a bit of a catch-all phrase for a range of issues which lead to nerve pain; tingling, numbness or a general feeling of weakness. But what is really happening to cause this pain? …

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Joint cracking

When patients come for chiropractic treatment they often ask us if we are cracking their bones. The short answer is no. The crack or popping noise often heard from an adjustment is from the joints; synovial joints to be exact. Let us explain. Synovial joints are the most flexible in the body and contain a …

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